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Signature Nappy Service

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Nappy Plan
Where can we pick up dirty nappies?

Our nappy service includes: 

  • A welcome pack with a Little Droppings nappy bin, a mesh bag bin liner, a detailed info sheet and the option for a demo using cloth nappies. 
  • Twice weekly pickups - we pick up used nappies and drop off fresh ones on both Tuesdays and Fridays. 
  • Sanitising wash of reusable nappies in our hospital-grade commercial washing machine. 
  • The laundry service will kick off on the Tuesday following sign up - subject to availability. You are also welcome to pause your subscription until you are ready to start (a popular option if you are expecting a little one soon). 

We currently offer this service in Adelaide metropolitan areas. 

***Please note! If you are using a gift voucher, please purchase the prepaid version of this product to utilise the full value of your gift voucher. Using a gift voucher on a subscription service will only discount the first week of payment. 

  • "We all want to do better for the environment but when the pressures of daily life are on, it can be so easy to push back plans to implement changes. Reusable nappies was something we were interested in, but it felt daunting as a first-time parent with other commitments.

    I found out about Little Droppings when I was so kindly gifted several weeks of the service. It has turned out to be the #1 service I didn’t know I needed.

    Jacqui is lovely, professional and brilliant! We selected nappy hire and drop-off /pick-ups at home twice a week, which reduces our disposable usage down 90 - 95%! No more emergency trips to the supermarket, space free in the bin and more time for our little one. Highly recommended!" - Donna

  • "We subscribe and are absolutely delighted with Jacqui’s nappy service. She is very responsive to messages, the nappies are really high quality and the service is excellent. We will be using it for a long time, I’m sure." - William

  • "If you're looking to give cloth nappies a go, we cannot recommend Little Droppings more. The nappies they've chosen are very cute and work well (we've only tried the newborn ones so far). The fitting was a learning curve (and still is) to get leaks under control but the team were more than happy to not only provide advice but schedule assistance. Thank you for providing this service in Adelaide! Highly recommend." - Alex

  • "Excellent service, really friendly people! We use a few different brands of nappies and they always make sure they figure out how to get all the stains out for us. Makes our lives so much easier, so worth it!" - Matilda

  • "We had a great experience using Little Droppings cloth nappy hire and laundry service. We chose the hire nappies and delivery option, which was really easy in the newborn stage. It was a very big help to us in the early weeks and got us used to using cloth nappies, before we started washing our own. Jacqui is lovely & the nappies were always picked up/dropped off on time and in impeccable clean condition." - Sasha

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