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Unley Life Summer 2022

Saving the planet - one little dropping at a time.

Little Droppings Founder and Director Jacqui Storey might be in the business of baby poo, but she is helping to make a big difference in the world... Read full story here.

planet ark's circular economy hub

Reducing waste one cloth nappy at a time

Did you know that around3.75 million disposable nappiesare being used every day in Australia? This equates to a significant contribution to landfill with one baby having the capacity to produce up to700kgof waste in disposable nappies to landfill per year. Read more on Planet Ark's Circular Economy Hub

Feature on Workfeels Pod

I loved this topic on the Workfeels Pod; Inner Sustainable Development Goals. It's a framework that specifies the qualities we personally need to develop to make progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, and put a halt to the climate crisis! I shared my personal journey of my inner sustainability on this episode