About Us

Have you thought about your family’s waste footprint lately? Does your heart break a little bit when you see your landfill bin piling up with disposable nappy waste? Ours did, but we're doing something about it. 

One baby creates 700kg of disposable nappy waste every year – that’s more than a whole household’s entire year of waste! Little Droppings is on a mission to put a stop to this waste. We make it super easy for parents to choose reusable nappies over disposables. We provide a weekly nappy service subscription: we lend, wash, and deliver reusable nappies direct to your door. We make it affordable and convenient, as well as supplying you with reusable nappies that are gorgeous to look at! Check out our service. 

About our Team: 

We're a bunch of eco-friendly parents and friends that want to help cloth nappies become the norm. We have four people in our dynamic team and many supporters, advisors and coaches that are invested in our success! We're based in Adelaide, South Australia.

About the Founder: 

Business founder, Jacqui, was inspired by her personal experiences of using cloth nappies with her daughter. She found the onerous laundry process was taking up precious time that she could have been spending with her baby, or better yet, sleeping! 

After seeing the huge success of similar businesses in other major cities around Australia, she opened up Little Droppings in Adelaide, South Australia in February 2022. 

Jacqui Storey
Founder of Little Droppings