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Third Trimester in Adelaide - we've got you covered

My third trimester lasted a whopping 17 months - a world record, or at least that's how it felt! Dealing with early-onset pelvic girdle pain was no joke; I practically had my own personal parking spot on the couch. 

Now, whether you're floating through pregnancy in pure bliss or trudging through a nightmare like I was, Adelaide has some real gems to keep that third trimester sparkle alive (or at least a glimmer). 


Nurturing your body and mind:

Prenatal yoga is like a love letter to your baby bump. Those gentle stretches, poses, and mindful breathing exercises don't just make you feel like a pregnancy goddess, they also prep your body for the grand labour finale. You can find pregnancy specific yoga classes at Nest Wellbeing, Embody Women's Health, Yoga Fusion and Om Yoga just to name a few. 

Making the most of your baby bump body:

Adelaide's got some fantastic second-hand boutiques, and places like Plus One Dress Hire specialize in loaning maternity wear. Let's be real, you won't have this body shape forever (well, maybe a time or two more), so why not rock some stylish pregnancy wear and give those loose trackies a break. My Auntie gifted me a super cool pregnancy dress when I was 8 months pregnant, and I thought - "what a waste". But when I put it on it felt nice to have something that was celebrating my body and not just ‘making do’ with whatever loose stuff I already had in my cupboard. 

Soothing prenatal massages:

Pregnancy brings muscle tension and discomfort along as uninvited guests. So, take care of yourself with a prenatal massage – it's like a vacation for your aching body. Having a practitioner that is trained in pregnancy massage is important, we know that G-Vilatize have that expertise! 

Getting prepared:

Knowledge is power, and you want all the power in the world when you're about to pop. Sign up for prenatal classes and learn the ropes of childbirth, baby care, and postpartum care. Plus, you'll meet other soon-to-be parents who are in the same leaky boat. Public and private hospitals in Adelaide have classes available but there’s also a plethora of alternatives like Beer N Bubs, Connected Hypnobirthing and Calmbirth.

Behold the bump:

You're radiant, darling! So why not flaunt it with a maternity photoshoot? Sometimes it feels like pregnancy lasts forever in the last few weeks but soon your bump will be gone - and you might miss it! These photos are like a time capsule of your pregnancy glory. We love Fable and Fig, and many others. 

Floating into tranquility:

For those moments when you need an escape from pregnancy-induced chaos, these little sensory deprivation havens let you drift into a world of weightless wonder. Trust me; it's like a warm, womb-like hug for your tired body. Swing by Breathe Stretch Float for a fix.

Have a fairy godmother on your side:

Third trimester is a marvellous time to get mentally prepared for the big changes ahead. We’re lucky in Adelaide to have many pre and postpartum doulas in our midst. Some particularly focus on building mental preparation for mothers and couples - we love Emma Holdsworth for that. While some provide practical tips like a Hospital List template like Tiny Hands

So, embrace that third trimester like the pregnant queen you are! We’ll see you on the other side! 

Jacqui Storey ~ Co-founder of Little Droppings 💃🤰👑

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