The Most Sustainable Nappy

The Most Sustainable Nappy

How does Little Droppings stack up against disposable nappies? Let’s break it down:  


Zero Nappy Waste: By opting for reusable nappies, you eliminate the generation of nappy waste altogether.


700kg To Landfill: By opting for disposable nappies each nappy adds to landfill. One baby creates an average of 700kg of nappy waste per year.



Zero Packaging: Re-usable nappies means NO packaging waste for you and for us.


Cardboard Overload: each time you pick that nappy box off the shelf, there’s the added annoyance of finding space in the recycling bin and adding that plastic wrapping into the landfill bin. RIP Red Cycle.



Jacqui and Rosie: Little Droppings is owned and led by two kick-ass women living in Adelaide, and we plan on keeping it that way. Supporting our business means supporting women in business to kick goals!


Faceless Men: Let’s face it, the vast majority of businesses (including nappy manufacturers, nappy distributors and retailers) are owned and run by men. Your support for these companies will go unnoticed except as a number on the balance sheet.



Fair Wages: We have four Adelaide-based employees and provide fair wages that exceed industry award. We have created a workplace that works for women’s lives and adapts to care responsibilities outside of work.


Lack of Transparency: it’s difficult to track down the ownership structure of many of the major nappy brands, let alone the wage policies.  



Local Washing, Drying, and Delivery: Our nappies are used over and over again creating very little carbon footprint as they stay within the bounds of Metropolitan Adelaide. We also purchase our laundry equipment and liquids from Australian companies to keep the local economy thriving.


Overseas Manufacturing: the average disposable nappy on the supermarket shelf has usually been manufactured overseas meaning that every box there has taken a flight or a boat trip (as well as the material components likely grown and harvested elsewhere in the world).



While it's true that washing reusable nappies involves water use, the amount is significantly less than what goes into manufacturing disposable nappies. Consider this: Would you say it's more water-efficient for you to swap to disposable underwear over standard “reusable” underwear? The answer is a clear no. The water used in washing cloth nappies pales in comparison to the water generated by manufacturing new disposable nappies, including the resources used for packaging.


By choosing Little Droppings, you're not just making a nappy choice; you're making a statement for sustainability, empowerment, and conscious consumerism. We believe the choice is crystal clear. Let's make a difference, one nappy at a time.

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