woman holding a baby who is wearing a reusable cloth nappy.

Nappy Love: Childcare Educators Cheer for Your Eco-Friendly Choices!

Hey there! So, is your little one starting daycare adventures? If you're wondering how to bring up the topic of reusable nappies with the busy educators, we've got you covered! We've chatted with over 15 childcare centres across Adelaide and their wonderful staff.

Great news! Every single one of them is concerned about the waste from disposable nappies. It's a big deal for them too! And all the Centres we spoke with are on board with you bringing your own reusable nappies. 

Oh, and fun fact: about a third of these educators have even used reusable nappies with their own kiddos. They're all about practicing what they preach!

To make things easier for everyone, here are some practical tips:

  1. Bring an extra-large wet bag every day for storing soiled nappies. It's a good idea to have enough at home to cover you for the whole week.
  1. Remember to take your wet bag home every day. That way, the educators won't have to deal with a stinky situation, and it reduces the chances of your nappies going missing.
  1. Provide approximately 4 cloth nappies per day, plus an extra one just in case little Billie has a heavy wetting day.
  1. Print out a fit guide for the educators, especially for casual staff. Check out Clean Cloth Nappies fitting guide on their website
  1. Label all your nappy-related items to avoid confusion.

With these practical tips, you'll be smoothly navigating the reusable nappy journey in no time!

During our research in Adelaide we found that centres under the Montessori banner are supportive, as well as other larger organisations like Precious Cargo, Green Leaves, Emali and Guardian Childcare. And we found that community based Childcare Centres are leading the way with many parents already bringing reusable nappies, or even providing reusable nappies in the case of Flinders University Childcare and Gowrie SA

So, don't be shy about sharing your eco-warrior efforts with your childcare center. They're likely itching to join forces with you in the fight against waste!

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