Don't try this at home folks!

Don't try this at home folks!

 We love when our customers feel confident with reusable nappies and want to start washing at home! We feel we have done our job right when this happens.

 It would make sense to just do exactly as we do, right? I’m here to say ‘don’t try this at home folks’, the commercial setup and washing process is different to doing it at home. We’ve collected our insights as parents and baby poo gurus - let’s face it, we’ve seen a lot of baby poo by this point. We’re keeping it as simple as all hell, we know parents don’t need any more information to sift through.  


  • Clear a spot near your change table to store your nappies.
  • About 25 nappies should cover your needs.
  • Buy two Struckets with lids for storing the soiled nappies. One for the change area and one for the bathroom.


  • Face the fact that you’ll be doing a laundry load every day.
  • Wees are no problem, poops have to be managed. Head over to Bunnings and get yourself a bidet hose to connect to your toilet – then you can just hose down those pooey nappies and chuck it in the Strucket next to your toilet.  
  • The most basic principle of keeping your nappies sanitised and in good condition is to do a short wash of your soiled nappies every day, and then do a hot temperature wash once you have a full load.

 MORE THINGS (only read further if you have the head space, stop now for sufficient information)

Best of luck and God speed! And remember we're always here if it all gets too much!


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